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WT10A Gaussmeter Tesla Meter WT-10A Surface Magnetic Field Tester

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WT10A LCD Gaussmeter Tesla Meter with Ns function. WT-10A Surface Magnetic Field Tester is Metal probe. WT10A Digital Gauss Meter can be portable, wide measuring range.

WT10A Gaussmeter Tesla Meter WT-10A Surface Magnetic Field Tester

WT10A type hand-held digital gauss meter used to measure the magnetic field of permanent magnet material surface, dc motor, speaker, magnetic separator, permanent magnetic iron remover work field and leakage magnetic field, parts machining after the residual magnetic field demagnetization. The instrument can carry, wide range, convenient operation, clear liquid crystal display (LCD).

WT10A Digital Gauss Meter Specification:

Range range: 0 ~ 200 mt ~ 2000 mt

The basic error: ± 2% - three words (1000 mt milli tesla below)

Plus or minus 5% ± 3 word (1000 mt milli tesla above)

Points distinguishes the force: 0.1 mT milli tesla, 1 mT's hair

Measured magnetic field: dc magnetic field (static magnetic field)

The environment temperature 5 °C ~ and °C

Relative humidity: 20% ~ 80% (no gel)

Power supply: six section 5 dry battery, external regulated power supply

Outlook size: 150 mm x 70 mm × 30 mm

Instrument weight: 450 g

Display mode: 3 1/2 LCD measurement is positive and negative shows that is representative of N pole,

negative representative S pole

Display units: mT milli tesla

Prepare note: 1 mt milli tesla = 10 gs gaussian

Package included:

1 x WT10A Gaussmeter Tesla meter
1 x User Manual
1 x Metal probe
1 x DC Adapter

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